About Us

In 1999 Terre di scirocco was born from the passion and will of Annalisa Testa and Gennaro Borriello. After attending the Neapolitan and Derutesi artisan workshops, the other studying art, they dedicate the first years of their activity, which take place in a small shop, to the production of unique pieces commissioned directly by end users.

In 2006 they moved to a larger space where they worked hard to find their own recognizable style. Engaged in research focused on materials and shapes, they reach a personal synthesis between tradition and innovation. Thus obtaining artifacts with completely new colors, brilliance and shapes that enrich the ceramic material with a contemporary language.

In 2008, with the help of the Campania Region, they participate in their first “MACEF” where they have the opportunity to contact Bayer abroad and from all over Italy who show interest and enthusiasm for their products. To date they participate in various national and international fairs, finding interest from the public and critics.

2016 VEBO first prize winners.